Forgotten Recipes


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I am an amateur culinary anthropologist with a Bachelors of Science in Hotel and Restaurant management who is relearning website design so please bear with me as I am sure my webpage currently looks like it was made in 1997 for now.  In the meantime while I make it prettier I will be posting some old (ahem-- public domain) recipes that some of you may recall from church potlucks, weddings, graduation parties, or just days when you would go visit Grandma or your Great Aunt down on the farm or for some of you your dear confirmed bachelor uncle who lived on a cool houseboat in Florida.   Okay so... I'm really just going to share with you recipes I remember.  There I said it this page is going to be all about me.  I'm selfish that way  ;-)    Yes I just used a winking emoji from 1998 deal with it.


Let's begin with one of the recipes my Grandfather used to make-- his (semi famous) goulash.  Now in the American Midwest "goulash " has come to mean a sort of one pot meal that usually has meat, tomatoes, some sort of savory sauce and usually a pasta product.  If you Google the definition of goulash you get it defined as "a highly seasoned Hungarian soup or stew of meat and vegetables, flavored with paprika."  Please note, my Grandfather's recipe does not contain paprika, probably because we could not afford it in his day and for some in Midwestern America any bread other than white bread is seen as strange and exotic.  Also don't forget bagels where unheard of here outside of large Jewish communities until the 1970s .(Citation needed this is largely hearsay from one of my college professors but is seems about right.)  Anyway....  Here is my Grandfather's goulash recipe as closely as my Grandmother remembered it.

Slim's goulash  (Grandpa's goulash)



1 lb. of ground beef.      1 cup of chopped Celery     2 large onions chopped (I prefer sweet yellow onions)

1/4 of a Green Bell Pepper, chopped     1 Quart of stewed tomatoes (large can)    1 can of tomato sauce

1 Tablespoon of Soy sauce     1 Tablespoon of Worcestershire sauce    1 can of condensed tomato soup

1/2 a cup of cooked macaroni     Salt   Pepper   Garlic powder   seasoned salt.



Pour one tablespoon of cooking oil into a Dutch oven or large kettle.  Heat oil.  Add the ground beef breaking it apart adding salt, pepper, season salt, and garlic powder to your taste.  Brown the hamburger.  Once browned add the celery, onions, peppers, tomatoes, tomato sauce and the can of soup.  Simmer 45 mins.   Add the Worcestershire and soy sauces and the macaroni and serve.  Can be thickened using the cornstarch and water method.  Tastes even better the next day. 



You can compare this recipe to another common one found here:    However I think my Grandfather's recipe is far superior.


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